Meet Coco: The 6 Year Old Japanese Style Icon

Most 6-year old children enjoy cartoons, lego, and chunky crayons. 6-year old Coco Hamamatsu, on the other hand, enjoys playing with and piecing together highly sought-after outfit combinations that are the envy of most fashion die-hards, before posting on her Instagram account.

Coco is an unequivocally adorable, streetwear obsessed little girl from Fukushima, Japan, with a growing community of fashion followers that exceeds more than 230,000 people. Her collection of designer labels already outshines that of industry insiders (I doubt Anna Wintour had vintage Chanel before the age of 10), and regularly sports pint-sized looks from Moschino, Chanel, Burberry, Off White, Gucci, and plenty more. Her style is an eclectic mix of cheeky and modern-meets-classic; preferring chunky puffa jackets, metal chain belts, retro track pants, and vintage silk shirts.

How is it that a little girl has access to the biggest names in streetwear? Coco’s love of fashion stems from her mother and father who own a vintage store called Funktique in Harajuku, Tokyo. In a short documentary about the bona fide Japanese style icon, Coco’s mother says how she isn’t pushing Coco towards a career in fashion, but rather, this is just one of her “after school activities”.

It might be hard for a child to comprehend that 230k follow her (heck it’s hard for me to understand that), but without a doubt, Coco isn’t afraid to show off her confidence and have fun in doing it, and isn’t that what it’s all about?

Our only wish is to be as cool and confident as Coco…

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