How Modern Women Wear Pink

Pink gets a lot of bad press – blame Barbie and Katie Price – but designers are bringing it back from the fashion wilderness. Here’s how the stars of the front row make the candy-coloured shade look contemporary.

Clean lines and an oversized shape gives this blush-hued maxi dress a modern feel.

An unapologetic pop of fuchsia looks fearless. Contrasting a traditionally feminine colour with sharp tailoring makes this outfit look really contemporary.

A sculptural trim gives this salmon-hued mini dress a modern architectural feel.

The asymmetric cut of this halter-neck top takes it out of the ordinary. Pairing it with trousers gives the overall look a more sophisticated identity.

A utilitarian fabric like leather toughens up traditionally pretty pink. The studded detailing adds a punky vibe to these trousers too.

What better way to rethink a fluffy fuchsia sweater than with a pair of sexy fishnet tights?

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