The Perfect Pair Of Trainers Cost Just €18

Working in Dun Laoghaire, as the IMAGE team does, means that if you’re after a lunchtime fashion fix, Penneys is your only port of call. When I’m in town, I rarely (to my shame) veer much beyond the creative quarter, so Penneys’ Mary Street store is as alien to me as Hamleys (I don’t have children you see). Having fewer shopping choices has turned out to be a stroke of luck though because I’ve found the perfect pair of trainers for just €18, in Penneys – not somewhere I would have thought to look for them. Forget Gucci and Valentino, the everyman high-street retailer has struck gold with these chic black sneakers.

Black trainers, €18 at Penneys

I’ve decided that black trainers are my next must-have because they make redundant the sock conundrum (Do black socks work with coloured trainers? Should you pair the colour of your sock with the colour of your trainer? Do any socks look right with white sneakers? etc, etc). I love the contemporary appeal of this design too. The thick gold stripe adds a luxe feel, and sitting perpendicular to the black textured stripe creates a strong graphic statement. These would look very cool worn with suit trousers, but I’ll also try them with a skirt, as I can wear black tights with them but keep the overall look chic and streamlined. What is they say? Look after [the] Penneys, and the pounds will look after themselves.

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