The Unexpected Accessory You Need This Season

I was ram-sacking through my mother’s jewellery box recently (don’t worry – she knows) when it caught my eye: its glistening jewels twinkled in the autumn sunshine shining through the window. It wasn’t a ring or necklace, but a beautifully crafted, vintage brooch belonged to my grandmother. It now sits proudly either on my favourite blazer or used as a fastening for a silk scarf on chilly mornings.

Brooches are a great way to give life and glamour to an old wardrobe favourite and are a way to add character to your personal wardrobe: simply pop one on a stylish lapel, the top button of a shirt, or even a jean pocket (see below) for an instant neo-vintage reboot this autumn.

Whether, like me, you’re rummaging through your mother or grandmother’s beloved jewels, or on the market for a brooch of your own, here are five brooches to try this season to suit every budget.

This eye brooch with pearl teardrop from Asos Marketplace, €10.87

This bow necklace with brooch detailing from Zara, €17.95

This delicate crystal rose brooch from, €5.28

This uber-glamour signature YSL logo brooch,, €595

This rock and roll glitzy tiger-head brooch from H&M, €5.10

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