What White Accessories Say About You

In a word, they say luxury. White accessories, are in my mind, the ultimate luxury buy. Why? Because they’re so impractical. Anyone who can afford to invest in white handbags and shoes either has a supremely gilded lifestyle, which involves never having to walk in the rain, or they have so much money they can simply replace each item after the inevitable grubby marks begin to appear. I have a vanilla coloured leather bag languishing in one of my cupboards right now. I bought it about ten years ago in All Saints, and got about one season of use out of it before it made everything else I wore look shabby. At least once a week, I open that cupboard and for a moment I’m determined to dye it or clean it. One day.

Victoria Beckham has been sporting matching white bags and shoes over the past few months. White heels, which were once considered a trashy Temple Bar-style accessory, are now adding a purity and a classiness to shades such as merlot and camel. I think the trick to translating white accessories from cheap to chic is to pair them with colours that have depth and pieces that are a little oversized or fluid (not tight and short). Where Beckham goes, many follow, and the stars of the street have also embraced this trend with gusto. Some are a little more flamboyant in their styling than I would be (see directly below), but that’s part of the fun of street style, while others keep it simple in reliable monochrome.

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