3 Amazing List Making Apps

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Free, iOS and Android
Recently updated and now boasting a clean, uncluttered design and easy real-time syncingacross devices (as well as a web app), one of our favourite features is the ability to print your list, complete with little, old school tickboxes;

Approx €2.25 a month, web and iOS
Described as a “simple, designy” to-do app, TuexDeux is particularly handy if you like to organise your tasks across the week, thanks to its clean,date-based design (don’t worry – unfinished to-dos get rolled over to the next day, automatically). Use it online from any computer, and on-the-go through the iPhoneapp;


€4.99, iOS
If you love the satisfaction ofticking off a to-do, then this app is for you. Featuring a clever and elegant colour-coded design that relies heavily on gestures, it’s easy to drag and drop items as well as swipe things away. Each completed task comes with a gratifying custom sound and vibration;

Top tip? The more lists you have, the harder they’ll be to keeptrack of. Aim for three core categories (a “master” list with absolutely everything; a weekly; and a daily), andtry to keep ad-hoc lists (shopping, travel packing list, etc.) to a minimum.

Nathalie Marquez Courtney @nathaliemc

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