5 Minutes with Digital Masterclass Panelist Paul Dunphy

We talk to the go-to social media curator and expert Paul Dunphy ahead of his appearance at our Digital Masterclass this Thursday, July 7th at The Gibson Hotel.

How did you start out?

My social media curating business is three years old this summer.  I started out when having lunch a friend said to me ‘if only you could get paid to tweet’ and that set the seed, I contacted business pals and got advice, then a new friend on Twitter asked me to run their social media – a food and wine company in San Sebastian Spain! – I didn’t need much persuading (especially as they flew me out!).  I ran their Facebook and Twitter and loved it so knew this is what I wanted to do.  I then set up my webpage, business cards etc and built up my clientele, they are all different, some short term, others longer, some for the run up to events/launches and others who want help from the very beginning.

Who was your first client and what did you do for them?

My first official client was @irishbizparty on Twitter. I ran their Twitter account and helped get them to 10k followers before I finished that account.  Irish biz party is on every Wednesday night for 9-11pm and helps Irish businesses to network and build a following on Twitter, get sales, followers and have fun while wearing your PJ’s should you wish!  It was a brilliant account to work on as I got to meet online so many people from all around the country.

Have things changed in the meantime?

Yes, on Twitter. For example, when running a twitter account for someone you have to find the best hashtag hours that work best for that particular client such as the Irish biz party, or biz hour (to get noticed in the UK) and the best times of the day to tweet etc.  In general, though once you know the best times to Tweet/Post online and how to use hashtags correctly it’s not difficult to get the best out of this online platform.

What are clients requirements nowadays?

Most have tried themselves but didn’t get the results they hoped for, primarily because they didn’t have the time to give to social media or the know how, that’s where I come in, I can give the client time; time to run their social media channels without them having to worry that it’s getting done or being left behind. People hire me mostly because of my personality online, my positivity and experience in building active followers and getting those sales.  In an online world full of notice and chatter you need to be able to rise above it and stand out!

Who do you admire in the digital world and why?

From a business perspective I really admire @GavinDuffy –  Irish entrepreneur and businessman he is so supportive of businesses online, retweets on Twitter etc and is and very giving of his time.   For constant fun and in my view the queen of Twitter it is @MarianKeyes Internationally it has to be @cher and not just because she tweeted me on my birthday! She’s just wonderfully bonkers.  @DarraghDoyle for all things happening in Dublin and Ireland. Also, @devils_edge shirts use their social media channels very well.

Paul Dunphy will be on the panel at our Digital Masterclass with Rosemary Mac Cabe and Kathryn Mason, moderated by Maryrose Lyons at The Gibson Hotel on Thursday, July 7th.  For tickets click here, email [email protected] or call 01 271 9615.

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