Best Job Ever? A Cafe Is Looking For Cat Nannies

Love cats? In the market for a new job and looking to experience a new city for a while? Then listen up.  The Cat Cafe in Manchester is recruiting for a cat nanny to join their team. Yep, a special kitten/cat-loving individual whose sole purpose will be to care and comfort fluffy felines.

Sisters Ellie and Sarah Close run the cafe in Manchester’s Northern Quarter and are searching for a team of enthusiastic staff to do just that.

Among the standard cafe jobs – front of house, barista and manager – is the covetable role of cat nanny.

The job would require one lucky feline fan to take care of the “general well-being of the Manchester Cat family” and to encourage customers to interact with the cats.

Looking for the purrfect job? At last we are recruiting! If you would like to join our team at Cat Café Manchester then…

Posted by Cat Cafe Manchester on Tuesday, 1 March 2016

But it isn’t all about the customers. The successful applicants focus will be mainly on the cute creatures; feeding them, grooming them, cleaning the litter trays and bedding (granted, the less nice part of the job), developing fun games for the cats and most excitingly: playing with them.

And yes, this is a legitimate paying job, which some of us might gladly do for free. Can you imagine the cuteness?! If ever you were thinking about a move and something a bit different, this could sort you out.

Did we mention the potential adorableness of many kittens?

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