Careers Clinic: 6 Things To Do To Progress In A Job You Love

You love your career and couldn’t imagine doing anything else. Sure, you have bad days, but overall you are passionate about your career and want to boost your chances of success. Follow these six simple steps to do just that.

1. Design your own success story

Success looks different to everyone and is as unique as your fingerprint. Start off by writing down your own personal version of career success. Be clear and concise about what your goals are, why you want to achieve them and by when. The simple act of sitting down to record your goals is immensely important. In fact, according to the University of California, people who commit their goals to paper are 42% more likely to attain them.

2. Find a Mentor

This is inextricably linked to designing your own version of career success. Find a thought challenger, willing to keep you on task and offer non-judgmental practical advice. Perhaps a career coach, a lecturer or an old work colleague could help. Whoever you choose, ensure you do so wisely as you will share with them and trust them to guide you towards your personal version of career success. Avoid family, friends and current work colleagues, despite their best intentions the complex emotional ties often result in conflict.

3. Appreciate Failure

Failure has a bad name. All too often considered as an excuse to give up or stop trying. Instead appreciate failure as an opportunity to learn. If you don’t get the promotion or something unexpected disrupts your plans sure it’s frustrating but no pity parties. Stand back and address what happened and why. Speak to your mentor, dissect, understand and learn. If you are willing to learn from failure you not alone bounce back stronger but also more resilient.

4. Passionately Persevere

Figuring out where you want to go is one thing – getting there is another. When you feel like giving up, that is the exact time you need to tap into every ounce of personal energy you have. If you are truly determined to design your own version of career success you must passionately persevere, especially when you most feel like giving up.

5. Embrace Change

Change is the new permanent so when you take the decision to boost your career you must also embrace change. Choose a new and emerging area within your profession that interests you, expand your knowledge and become an expert. By simply improving your skill set in line with new and emerging trends you position yourself to embrace any professional challenge or opportunity that presents itself to you while also identifying you as the ‘go-to person’ in that area.

6. Be kind to Yourself

Research is clear; you are less productive when you take on too much at the expense of minding yourself. While it might sound counterproductive to make time to take time off it is essential. Simple things that fit into your daily schedule like sleeping for 7 – 8 hours, eating well, exercising, spending time with friends/family and going on holidays are absolutely necessary. Add in a weekly treat, get your nails done, take part in a book club, begin to paint, or arrange lunch with friends. Make being kind to yourself an intrinsic part of your plan to design your own version of career success.

By Sinead Brady


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