Hollywood Is Making Another Sister Act Movie

Sister Act

They’re remaking everything these days, aren’t they? While the existence of some reiterations *coughs* Spiderman *coughs* confuses us, others make us feel us all warm and fuzzy inside because that is how nostalgia works.

The latest remake coming from Hollywood’s shallow well of ideas is a Sister Act remake, the sassy story of a nightclub singer turned pretend inner city nun for the purposes of witness protection after she gets on the wrong side of the mob. It also had a very brilliant soundtrack. The Hollywood Reporter says that Disney, the studio behind the original 1992 movie and its sequel, are currently working a new installment in the feel good franchise.

Kirsten ‘Kiwi’ Smith and Karen McCullah are on script duties, and this is good news. This writing team has a pretty stellar record, having delivered us the scripts for Legally Blonde, 10 Things I Hate About You and the underrated The House Bunny. Alison Shearmur, the producer behind the recent live-action Cinderella, is the producing brains behind this endeavour. Sister Act has enjoyed renewed success in recent years as a Broadway musical so expect a very excited inbuilt audience.

However, the question on everyone’s lips is will Whoopi Goldberg return to reprise the story of Sister Mary Clarence/Deloris Wilson? So far, the word on the streets is no one knows yet. But we’re hoping there’s a cameo at least.

Who do you think should be cast? Personally we want to see some of the Pitch Perfect girls doing some gospel a capella in habits.

The Hollywood Reporter

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