Jenny Coyle’s Wish List

1. Secretly, I’m a terrible video games addict.  I’d become a total shut-in if I got my hand on a PS4.  That doesn’t stop me wanting one badly.

2. I was delighted with this scarf… then my husband snaffled it.  I don’t care if we look like mad-eyed matchy-matchy people, I’m getting another one for me.

3. Because I work from home, I either get dolled up to the nines (those taxi shoes are perfect when you commute all the way to the end of the hall) or don’t get dressed at all.  Eres pyjamas are the solution – fabulous night-to-day wear.

4. Great flat black boots, not baggy, just the right height, no weird buttons or furry bits?  I’ve found them at last… hello, Melissa boots from Frye.

5. Grown-ups – secretly want to still put up pop star posters on your wall?  The Periodic Table of Bowie is just the ticket.

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