Not Resting Enough? Be With Nature, Listen To Music, Or Do Nothing

A worldwide study was conducted recently which found that 68 percent of 18,000 participants felt that they don’t get enough rest – and our phones are kind of the blame.

But don’t use your phone.

Today, being ‘busy’ is almost synonymous with breathing. It’s almost like we have to appear to be super busy so that our friends, colleagues, and family know that we’re doing things the right way.

But when do we give ourselves a break? Rest and relaxation are vital components to getting our bodies and minds through the rush and stress of life, but in a world where everything is so rapid and automatic, are we actually giving ourselves the chance to properly recharge? The answer, apparently, lies in our relationship with our phones.

Known as the ‘rest test‘, the study was led by researchers from Durham University who studied the effect of resting, why we need more of it, and why our phones are disrupting our resting patterns.

A large survey asked the 18,000 participants what activities they found to be most restful; with the top five activities being reading, being in nature, being alone, listening to music and doing nothing in particular but being present and silent; which, to us, is rather blissful.

Coming in at number ten, surprisingly, was meditation and mindfulness. “Browsing the internet” also came down the bottom of the list of activities that people find least relaxing – which is rather important because people are becoming more aware that constant use of tech is not a valid form of R&R.

Time management is vital in how much rest you get. If you find that you waste too much time browsing throughout the day (which we’re all guilty of) be diligent and avoid your phone where possible, get your work done, and reward yourself in the evening. The most common time for people to browse their phones is on public transport, so next time you’re commuting why not close your eyes, breathe deeply, and just be peaceful for five minutes? Taking five away from your phone will help you to introduce a level of calm to your busy life, and you’ll feel all the better for it.

It isn’t rocket science.

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