Reasons Why Tea Is Good For You

Tea is good for you

Irish people love our tea. We’re the third highest consumers per capita of the brew in the entire world, coming up behind Turkey and Morocco. We even beat the Brits, who are a mere fifth.

Not only is tea delicious, and lower if jittery caffeine than coffee, but it’s been proven to have a host of healthy benefits. An infographic by illustrates all these amazing side effects, so put the kettle on because green tea helps prevent some cancers and reduces the risks of strokes and heart disease. White tea is similar in its cancer-fighting properties, and some studies say it’s the best for health conscious tea drinkers to load up on. Oolong tea is good for cholesterol levels and cardiovascular disease. Herbal teas help lower high blood pressure. Black tea, which most Irish people drink, can help protect lungs from cigarette smoke damage

The whole infographic below will tell you how to prepare properly every type of tea, as well as introduce you to new leaves, such as Yerba Mate. Print it off to keep in your quotable reach next time someone suggests you’re drinking too much tea.

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