Ruth Scott: What Makes Me Feel Good

Ruth Scott

RTE 2 DJ Extraordinaire Ruth Scott – catch her on the airwaves on Saturdays and Sundays with Paddy McKenna – is all about the happy vibes. Here she shares the things that make her feel good, as part of our Get Happy campaign.

Before bed I read fluffy books.

 My family are huge to me (youngest of 8, 15 nieces & nephews!)

 The song that will always cheer me up is The Vengaboys song “the Vengabus is coming and everybody’s jumping. New York to San Francisco. An intercity disco.” (You’re already singing along too, right?!)

 The song I can’t not dance to is ABC Jackson 5.

 My happy place is in the sunshine with a book.

 My perfect day would be spent  near the sea, maybe trying to surf, or just floating on a surfboard followed by a picnic. If I can have a bit of sunshine in the mix too, I’d be delighted!

 The one thing I eat for a happy tummy is  avocados. I could eat them with every meal; In fact I often have.

 All I want in life is to be content with what I have.

 Life would be nothing without Rob.

 To me, the definition of happiness is a balance between wanting what you have, having what you want_

My ultimate guilty pleasure: song theme to the Greatest American Hero TV show movie  The Bodyguard food sherbet with those tangy red lollies, but it rips my stomach up these days.

 My cheer me up person is Rob because he’s funny and would do anything to cheer me up if I was out of sorts.

 Life is too short for regret, anger, envy…

 I wish I could tell my 16 year old self that if I join some more team sports, it would be a good way to make friends and stay healthy in the future.

 When I’m old and grey I hope that I put enough in my pension fund for hair dye!

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