A Chance To Unwind At The Yoga Salon? Don’t Mind If We Do


Need a time-out from the obligations and anxieties of daily life? Look no further than The Yoga Salon’s CELEBRATE, a four day spiritual adventure at Shawbrook Forest in Co Longford that’s all about the exploration of joy from August 6th to 9th.

Set against the stunning rural hideaway of wooden barns and quirky tree houses inhabited by a ballet school, this experience promises to be a magical celebration of creativity including yoga, mindfulness and mediation.

The gathering will be led by The Yoga Salon’s founding members Kathy Scott and Mari Kennedy, with special guests Fibnk Hallinan, food alchemist who specialises in seasonal raw dishes and Glamo Frowney, artist and regular DJ at Mother. You’ll enjoy the serene surroundings of the sanctuary, learn how to make personalized jewellery from scavenged objects and savour delicious ripe summer food.


Their summer edition CELEBRATE promises to be a luminous experience to help you unleash your full potential in a festival inspired by the Celtic celebration of Lúnasa, to rejoice in the connection, evolution and exploration of the joy in all our lives.

Have you relaxed a little just reading that soothing passage? Prices for the weekend start at €395 and you can find out more at

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