3 Wedding cake trends

We love a naked cake, but (and we wouldn’t say this if there were one in front of us, asking to be eaten), we may just be getting a little tired of their rustic looks. Really, there are only so many ways you can layer up berries. So, for a cake table that packs a personality-filled punch, we’re starting to look to more flamboyant trends. Here are three that are taking our fancy…

DRIP FEEDING The perfect messiness of this cake trend tickles the tastebuds of both naturalists and modernists, alike, with an aesthetic that’s as graphic as it is tantalising.


SWEET SCENTS Flowers on wedding cakes are nothing new, but the way in which they’re blooming, these days, is a whole lot more entrancing than the over-perfect sugarcrafts of weddings gone by.
floralPRINT WORKS Taking inspiration from your favourite piece of fabric or fine art print is a gorgeously modern way to use your cake as the canvas for your personal style – guaranteed to grab attention.patternHankering after these sweet sensations?

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