Bridal Glow Guide: Part II

The latest launches, tips and tricks for bridal beauty and beyond…



It’s hard to beat a professional hand for your wedding day hairdo, but having your favourite follicle-teaser on hand for the rehearsal brunch, too, could push your budget to its limit. Enter DIY hair skills. When doing your own curls or waves, using a wand or tong is infinitely easier than nailing a blowdry and GHD is always our provider of choice. As well as a stick for every style, they have a bevy of video tutorials for all the season’s key looks – we nailed kinky waves, first time, thanks to the Creative
Curve’s natty oval barrel, €149 at


The best road to bridal beauty (and sanity) has to be via quality sleep, so now would be a great time to incorporate a little yoga or meditation into your bedtime routine. Start small, so you keep it up; even a few minutes of breathing and stretching could make all the difference to how you sleep. Add a treatment from Voya’s new Tranquilitybodycare range (the Mindful Moments body oil is bliss, €38) and … sweet dreams … zzzz …


Rarely do beauty products as pricey as this one garner such unwavering adoration across the beauty blogosphere – and we’d have to agree. La Prairie Skin Caviar Essence-in-Lotion, is a tingly €213 for 150ml, but this pre-serum treatment – featuring the firming, balancing and hydrating properties of caviar – offers such noticeable results that you might well find it a savvy investment in the lead-up to bridal beautification. Think less make-up, more confidence.


Future fragrances from Starck Paris, Philippe Starck, €125 each, for 90ml


We always say: if you want to look hot in your wedding photos, listen to a photographer. So when we spotted that the new collection from Nars is in collaboration with legendary French fashion photographer Sarah Moon, well that was a no-brainer. At once bold and ethereal, the collection is all deep reds and rich plums, shimmering flirtation and matte confidence – a palette ripe for winter brides. Never Tamed Nail Polish, €19; Rouge Indiscret Moon Matte lipstick, €26.

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